Things you can do to avoid chasing casino losses
April 16, 2021

Things you can do to avoid chasing casino losses

By admin

Playing casino games is great fun when you stay in control. This is easier to do when you are winning, but at some point, you will lose a few games in a row. How should you look to stay in control and avoid chasing losses when this happens?

 Set a playing budget

It is always a good idea to set aside a playing budget when you start. This should be an amount of money that you can afford to lose without it causing you any problems. If you hit a losing streak and run out of cash, you will simply stop playing until the next time that you can safely add funds.

You might also want to set a loss limit rather than an overall budget. This would be the amount of money that you are comfortable losing in a session. If you reach this number, it is time to log out for the day. Setting this as a relatively low figure will enable you to use your budget over a few gaming sessions.

 Use a bankroll strategy

Using a bankroll strategy is a fairly sophisticated way of handling your casino funds. It can be used on any type of game and it is easy to get started on. The simplest type of strategy is called flat betting. In this case, you just use the same amount of stake every time you play, regardless of whether you won or lost the last game.

Let’s say that you have $100 in funds to start with. If you choose a $1 stake, you can play 100 times with the original funds without counting any winnings you have. Others are called progressive systems and you increase or decrease the stake depending upon whether you win or lose.

 Try a different game

You are most likely to chase losses if you stick to the same game. Maybe you are playing a slot and are sure that the jackpot will fall soon. Or perhaps you believe that a certain number is due to come up on the roulette table. By switching to a different game, you are making a fresh start.

The best NJ online casinos offer you a wide selection of games. With the example of Resorts Casino, you can see slots and a big variety of table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. You can also switch over to a live human dealer game if you prefer.

 Take a break

Taking a break from playing for a while will allow you to clear your head and start again. This is a good idea if you have lost a few games in a row and are tempted to increase your stake to try to win all the money back.

Do something else for a while and let your emotions calm down before you get back to the games. You will probably see the situation differently once you enter the casino again. Of course, different people will need varying amounts of time for this tactic to take effect.