French roulette and all the information about it
February 4, 2021

French roulette and all the information about it

By admin

The game of roulette has been known since the 17th century, although it gained popularity in casinos only nearly 200 years later. It was invented in France, and a version of its principles soon gained popularity all over the world. Look at here at the French roulette web page and understand the game better.

Rules and chances in french roulette

The French roulette wheel has 37 squares marked from 0 to 36. The dealer sets them in motion, then releases a ball on its edge, which eventually lands on one of the squares. Each box is marked in black or red.

During the movement of the ball, players have the option to place bets by placing their chips on selected fields on the table, representing specific bets. The dealer determines the time after which adding chips is prohibited.

Advantages of French Roulette

  • Slightly smaller house edge compared to the US version. This allows you to win a little easier;
  • The simplest rules – if you are just starting your adventure with online casinos, you should start with this option;
  • Available in virtually all casinos, so whether you prefer to play against a computer dealer or live, you should find a long list of French roulette tables.

Advice on how to play french roulette

Get familiar with the terminology

Although the above glossary may seem complicated, you should study it thoroughly. Like other betting terms. This way, you will learn more about the rules of the game, making your first cash games a little easier.

Low stakes play is fine

Many casinos offer a distinction between tables where you can play low and high stakes. Some people are ashamed of tables with lower stakes. Completely without a foundation. This is an option to limit emotions at the game table.

Find the balance between inside and outside bets

Many players start out with safe bets – mostly external ones, which give a higher probability of winning. These, however, also give lower wins.

Play only in trusted casinos for real money

Winning at casinos is great fun, but after you win you have to remember that the money has to be withdrawn somehow. And not every casino is reliable enough to do it efficiently and without any problems.

Manage your funds

The best casino players not only know the rules of the game very well, but can also have control over their wallet at virtually every stage of the game. You will need some practice to learn this.